Agumon (Classic) is a Reptile Digimon. It is a short and stout Tyrannosaurus rex-like Digimon standing about 3 feet tall, and has amber orange skin and light green eyes. It also has flattened forearms with broad, three-clawed hands, though early artwork for the Digimon virtual pet depicted its hands with four claws, and distinct pectoral muscles. His legs and arms are shown to be very vascular. Its tail is stubby, and its head and snout are almost as large as the rest of its body.


Agumon digivolves to Greymon at level 11.

Agumon digivolves to MetalGreymon at level 25.

Agumon digivolves to WarGreymon at level 41.

Agumon digivolves to VictoryGreymon at level 65 (with the item Dramon Breaker)

Agumon digivolves to Omnimon at level 41 (with Gabumon at level 41 and the Jogress Chip)

  • VictoryGreymon must be locked in order to evolve into Omnimon.


  • Sharp Claws
  • Baby Flame


A Reptile type bipedal Digimon. Although this Digimon looks naive, it has the potential to be a great Digimon. Ultimately, it will evolve into WarGreymon, the True Warrior. Agumon (Adventure)