Currency Window

Currency showing 1 Tera, 227 Mega and 571 Bits.

Currency Bit Bit. Everyone starts with bits. 1000 bits are 1 Mega.

Currency Mega Mega. Mega is 1000 bits. 1000 Mega is a Tera.

Currency Tera Tera. Tera is 1000 Mega.

Currency Digicore Digicore is a special variant on the currency market. It's a separate item in your inventory, used to buy items from the Kamemon Digicore Merchant NPC in DATS Center.

Currency Event Bit Event Bits or Event Currency is currency used for events. Piece of Cakes were used to create Birthday Cakes (50 per cake), Fragrant Flowers were used for a 1st Anniversary Gift Box (300 per box). Others include Pieces of Evolutor and Pieces of Back-up Disks.

Cash money: Silk and Premium Silk. From the Joymax page:

What is Silk?

Silk is the digital currency used to purchased items.
With Silk, you can purchase untradeable items.
Silk Payment Methods : PayPal, ClickandBuy(EURO), ClickandBuy(USD), Moneybookers eWallet, MoneyBookers Credit Card, MoneyBookers Direct Payment, E-Pin(Playspan), Free Silk

What is Premium Silk?

Premium Silk is the digital currency used to purchase premium items.
There is no limit to item purchases. (You can purchase both tradable and untradeable items)
Premium Silk Payment Methods : PayByCash, inComm, paysafecard, cashU, Wallie, E-Pin (Except Playspan)

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