Attributo:Data Data
Attributo dell'Elemento:Wind Vento
Tipo di Attacco: Quick Attacker
Tipo: Digimon Cavaliere Animale
Famiglia: Nature Spirits Icon Nature Spirits
Digievolve da: MachGaogamon
Digievolve in: MirageGaogamon (Burst Mode)
Posizione: Non Disponibile
Sbloccabile con: Già Sbloccato
Cavalcabile: No
Hatchabile: No
Disponibile: Si

MirageGaogamon is a Beast Knight Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mirage Gaogamon". Its whole body is clad in Chrome Digizoid armor, and as a result of it moving at incomparable speeds, it deceives the opponent by appearing to only be a mirage. MirageGaogamon has the symbol of the Digital Hazard on its chest.


Gaomon IconLv. 11 Gaogamon Icon Lv. 25 MachGaogamon Icon Lv. 41 MirageGaogamon Icon Lv. 71 MirageGaogamon (Burst Mode) Icon Burst Mode

Default StatsModifica

HPPunti Vita ?
DSMana ?
ATAttacco KDMO Exclusive668
GDMO Exclusive604
ASVelocità attacco KDMO Exclusive3.4
GDMO Exclusive3.663
CTColpo Critico ?%
HTHit Rate 0
DEDifesa ?
EVEvasione ?%


Gale Claw Wind Wind attribute 2 seconds cooldown KDMO Exclusive39 / GDMO Exclusive61 DS consumed Learned at Lv.
  Gets close to the opponent and slashes with the blades.
Double Crescent Mirage Wind Wind attribute 3.4 seconds cooldown KDMO Exclusive87 / GDMO Exclusive99 DS consumed Learned at Lv.
Crosses your arms and uses the blades to slash the opponent.
Full Moon Blaster Wind Wind attribute 8.4 seconds cooldown KDMO Exclusive160 / GDMO Exclusive260 DS consumed Learned at Lv.
Shoots powerful beams from your chest.

AttackAtk Lv. 1Atk Lv. 2Atk Lv. 3Atk Lv. 4Atk Lv. 5Atk Lv. 6Atk Lv. 7Atk Lv. 8
File:Gale Claw.png Gale Claw KDMO Exclusive669
GDMO Exclusive341
KDMO Exclusive700
GDMO Exclusive372
KDMO Exclusive731
GDMO Exclusive403
KDMO Exclusive762
GDMO Exclusive434
KDMO Exclusive793
GDMO Exclusive465
KDMO Exclusive824
GDMO Exclusive496
KDMO Exclusive855
GDMO Exclusive527
KDMO Exclusive886
GDMO Exclusive558
File:Double Crescent Mirage.png Double Crescent Mirage KDMO Exclusive1480
GDMO Exclusive884
KDMO Exclusive1524
GDMO Exclusive928
KDMO Exclusive1568
GDMO Exclusive972
KDMO Exclusive1612
GDMO Exclusive1016
KDMO Exclusive1656
GDMO Exclusive1060
KDMO Exclusive1700
GDMO Exclusive1104
KDMO Exclusive1744
GDMO Exclusive1148
KDMO Exclusive1788
GDMO Exclusive1192
File:Full Moon Blaster.png Full Moon Blaster KDMO Exclusive2708
GDMO Exclusive1425
KDMO Exclusive2764
GDMO Exclusive1481
KDMO Exclusive2820
GDMO Exclusive1537
KDMO Exclusive2876
GDMO Exclusive1593
KDMO Exclusive2932
GDMO Exclusive1649
KDMO Exclusive2988
GDMO Exclusive1705
KDMO Exclusive3044
GDMO Exclusive1761
KDMO Exclusive3100
GDMO Exclusive1817
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