An Armor Digievoluzioni is a special digivolution which uses Digi-Eggs to unlock. You can get Digi-Eggs either by the cash shop or by a quest. Note that the quest item has a chance of failing when you try to unlock the Digivolution. The DS usage and stats are same as Category:Ultimate, while the skills are on the level of weak megas. Every Armor Digivolution F1 has a special effect that has a chance to inflict more damage on the opponent.

Armor Digivolutions CAN be used at Dark Tower areas, they are also immune to Etemon's devolution effect.

Here is a list of the Digi-Eggs and special effects:

ItemDigi-EggDigimonF1 Special effect
Digi-Uovo del CoraggioDigi-Egg of CourageVeemon IconFlamedramon Icon
Veemon (Veedramon Line)Flamedramon
35% chance of "exploding" the opponent 5 seconds after using the skill and inflicting 600 (base) + 200 (each skill level) damage on the opponent.
Hawkmon IconAllomon Icon
Hawkmon (Jogress Line)Allomon
15% chance invincibility (3 skill point need per + 4 sec base + 1 sec per skill incresed (8 sec 5/5 Max)).
Digi-Uovo dell'AmiciziaDigi-Egg of FriendshipVeemon IconRaidramon Icon
Veemon (ExV-mon Line)Raidramon
12% chance of stunning the enemy (4 skill needed per + 2 sec base + 1 sec skill increase (5 sec at 4/4))
Digi-Uovo della SperanzaDigi-Egg of HopePatamon IconPegasusmon Icon
25% chance of inflicting every 2 seconds for 10 seconds (5 hits), 130 (base) + 50 (each skill level) damage (per 1 hit).
Gatomon IconGoatmon Icon
Gatomon (Jogress Line)Goatmon
20% chance of stunning the enemy (3 sec (base) + 1 sec per skill inc (6 sec at 4/4)).
Digi-Uovo della BontaDigi-Egg of KindnessHawkmon IconToucanmon Icon
15% chance of recovery DS (3% recovery base + 1% per skill incresed (10% at 8/8))
Digi-Uovo della Saggezza Digi-Egg of KnowledgeArmadillomon IconDigmon Icon
Armadillomon (Jogress Line)Digmon
12% chance of halting enemy (4 skill points need per + 3 sec duration base + 1 sec per skill increase (6sec at 4/4)).
Hawkmon IconFlybeemon Icon
25% chance of getting 15 sec buff that increases critical (20% critical (base) + 10% critical per skill increases (90% at 8/8)).
Digi-Uovo della LuceDigi-Uovo della LuceSalamon IconNefertimon Icon
22% chance of buffing every skill within 10 seconds by 6% (base) + 3% (each skill level) of the skill used.
Veemon IconGargoylemon Icon
Veemon (Veedramon Line)Gargoylemon
25% chance of getting 15 sec reflect dmg shield (450 dmg reflect (base) + 150 dmg per skill increase (1500 dmg 8/8)).
Digi-Uovo dell'AmoreDigi-Uovo dell'AmoreHawkmon IconHalsemon Icon
22% chance of buffing every skill within 10 seconds by 100 (base) + 50 (each skill level)
Digi-Uovo dei MiracoliDigi-Digi-Uovo dei MiracoliVeemon IconMagnamon Icon
Veemon (Veedramon Line)Magnamon
35% chance of Flash effect - inflicts dmg 5 sec later (600 dmg (base) + 200 dmg per skill inc (2,000 max at 8/8))
22% chance skill dmg inc buff - lasts 10 sec (3% skill dmg inc (base) + 1% per skill inc (10% at 8/8)) (F2 skill)
Digi-Uovo Dell' AffidabilitàDigi-Uovo dell' AffidabilitàArmadillomon IconSubmarimon Icon
20% chance healing himself (9% HP recovery base + 3% skill incresed (30% at 8/8))
Digi-Uovo della SinceritàDigi-Uovo della Sincerità Hawkmon IconShurimon Icon
Hawkmon (Jogress Line)Shurimon
20% chance of getting 15 sec buff that increases evasion (20% evasion (base) + 10% Eva per skill increases (90% at 8/8)
Veemon IconYasyamon Icon
Veemon (ExV-mon Line)Yasyamon
20% chance of getting 20 sec shield that blocks dmg until destroyed (600 dmg blocked (base) + 200 dmg blocked per skill increase (2000 dmg at 8/8)).


  • Digimon must be at least level 35 and must have the Armor Digivolution unlocked using the respective Digi-Eggs.
  • Magnamon's first two skills have each one a specific effect.


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