Arkadimon (Rookie)

Arkadimon (Rookie)
Attributo dell'Elemento:Pitch Black Oscurità
Tipo di Attacco: Short Attacker
Tipo: Digimon Bestia Ammaliante
Famiglia: Dark Area Icon Dark Area
Digievolve in: Arkadimon (Champion)
Cavalcabile: No
Hatchabile: Si
Data Necessari per Hatchare: 8 Devil Low Class DataDevil Data
Disponibile: Si

Arkadimon (Rookie) is a cursed Digimon artificially created based on the data of various Digimon. It's nature is to Digivolve by absorbing its opponent's data, but it's not clear if it possesses any sense of self. Because these details are unknown, it is currently being investigated.


Arkadimon (Rookie) IconLv. 11 Arkadimon (Champion) Icon Lv. 25 Arkadimon (Ultimate) Icon Lv. 41 Arkadimon (Mega) Icon

Default StatsModifica

HPPunti Vita ?
DSMana ?
ATAttacco ?
ASVelocità attacco 2.2
CTColpo Critico ?%
HTHit Rate 0
DEDifesa ?
EVEvasione ?%

Drop LocationsModifica

Digimon Dove Trovarlo Livello
Arkadimon (Adult) Server Continent - Desert Livelli: 89-92
Arkadimon (Ultimate) File Island Waterfront Livelli: 76-78
Arkadimon (Mega) Infinite Ice Wall Livelli: 67-70


Erase Sickle Steel Steel attribute 3 seconds cooldown 24 DS consumed Learned at Lv.
  Uses the sickle at the fingertips to cut and erase the enemy.
Soul Absorption Steel Steel attribute 4 seconds cooldown 31 DS consumed Learned at Lv.
Absorbs the enemy's soul.

AttackAtk Lv. 1Atk Lv. 2Atk Lv. 3Atk Lv. 4Atk Lv. 5Atk Lv. 6Atk Lv. 7Atk Lv. 8
Erase Sickle Erase Sickle 143149155161167173179185
Soul Absorption Soul Absorption 293301309317325333341349


Arkadimon is an Oni Digimon. It loves to do bad things, and has a sly and hard personality. It is said that it never disobeys a strong tamer. It has great pride in the mohawk on its head. It ultimately evolves into Arkadimon (Mega).

Arkadimon Hatching Screen
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